About APNG

Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) is a non-profit Internet organization dedicated to the advancement of networking infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region and to the research and development of all associated enabling technologies. Its key mission, among others is to contribute Internet Growth in the Asia Pacific (AP) through:

    • Learning its history in each country and experience from seniors;
    • Sharing information among community;
    • Empowering Next Generation (APNG) activity through APNG Camps;
    • Providing a venue and opportunity of discussion for developing countries; and
    • Challenging to create new Internet growth opportunity.

Through its activities, it had spawned off a number of Asia Pacific organizations including Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA), Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) and Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT). Today, APNG is the leading voice of Internet networking in the Asia Pacific Region.

APNG operates through Steering Committee and a Secretariat. It holds yearly meetings in different locations throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Each meeting is usually associated with a seminar, focusing on current topics of interest related to networking.